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Today was weird for me although everyone I came across seemed to be at least hanging in there. Most were friendly. There were plenty unexpected twists and turns and the other unusual happenings that we live with these days.

Sometimes it feels like there’s a contagious, looming gloom hovering and threatening. Often I muddle my way through and then look back and see that there was no real threat.  There’s a big sphere of concern I have and if I focus on it I’ll not live my life effectively and well. I’d miss moments of happiness. Really, I have no control over the outer world, I’m not going to change people’s minds and I can’t order things my own way.

So I turn my attention to my sphere of influence, the areas where I can choose my attitudes, words, perceptions and actions even if they look like just drops in the ocean of humanity.  I’m responsible for my own sphere of influence, not that of anyone else. And when I stay in the moment as well as in my own sphere of influence it all begins to feel manageable again.