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It’s Sunday and may your day be going well. This week I could have planned better and as a result I’m feeling a little rushed with the need to take care of loose ends. In a few moments I’m going to mentally sort it out–decide to chill a little and let some things slide into the week ahead. Or I guess I could decide right now.

Multi-tasking  is overrated and I’m sure I don’t do my best when I’m juggling several things at once, although I don’t wish to judge when it’s happening. Those days when I’m whirling about might produce an unneeded adrenaline rush but at the end of the day I usually don’t feel as though I’ve really lived as I do on other  days when I focus on one thing at a time.

I enjoy reading and sadly, this week my reading was done while I was on hold or during the few minutes waiting for the coffee to brew or making sure I was here for an important UPS delivery. If done right, even a few minutes of mindful focus on something can feel great, but wouldn’t it be lovely to have a block of time, even half an hour to sit with a favorite beverage and read whatever it is one is fascinated with at the time? I’m sure I’ve wasted more than half an hour this week, mindlessly clicking links online.

This week ahead, I intend to plan better. I’ll pay more attention to what I’m actually doing so as to give myself a feeling of moving forward, satisfaction and accomplishment. Always a little room for improvement if one feels the need, right?

Next Sunday I intend to give myself a day of rest and relaxation, time to let down my guard and slight tendency to tilt towards hyper-vigilance and OCD  behavior and let in a feeling of serenity and well-being. That sounds better to me than getting stuff or accolades or other things we sometimes think of as worthy goals.

If you already know how to do this–great! I welcome any suggestions that work for you. I’ll let you know how it goes. In the meantime, enjoy the rest of your day.