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The end of the week and I’m clearing the decks and working on some neural pathway things while it’s on my mind and relatively easy to do. Sometimes we get subtle suggestions about little tweaks and we tell ourselves we’ll get around to it later. But later there’s often some other subtle changes that are calling to be upgraded. I’ve found that when I make good use of the guidance I’m getting, then I seem  to be trusted with more.

Things are looking up! It’s a bit cooler here today. There’s a new baby in the family!  And I just got an e-mail that I won a participation in a learning course I wanted to take. I rarely try to win things because I have a sort of defeatist attitude. Now I want to enjoy and learn instead of pressuring myself. Pressuring myself to perform well and also to fit it in with all the other things I’m intending to do this summer as a part of me just wants to chill and play.

Wren went out into the Game of Thrones sim this morning and sort of met a character from the Tully family who might be a possible employer. He doesn’t seem like a brute but then many characters are devious sociopaths. She also went to look at the Wall for the first time but explored in the trees beyond too far and fell off the edge of the world, having to teleport out into another sim.

I’m liking the looks of the trailer for the new fall show by J J Abrams called Revolution. I’m really going to have to make some choices about what I pay attention to.

Enjoy your weekend and take some time to smell the roses.