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Today I took care of my real life, third dimensional responsibilities and also overlooked weird behavior by others. Just as I have the right to be aware, make changes and focus on my priorities, so do others. They don’t owe me explanations just as I don’t owe them. Hopefully, we’ll all be patient, considerate and give each other the benefit of the doubt as we navigate these interesting times in which we live. Sometimes it’s a relief to live shallow and wide instead of so deep.

Yesterday evening in Second Life I was kind of left out and didn’t feel like barging in where others were grouped. I bought a blue-flickering datapad as a prop for my cyber-punk/grunge roleplay. On the Legacies 1891 website, someone started a thread about what our characters would sing if we were in a musical;  I posted that my character Pearl Grey would sing “Alive” by Pearl Jam. That came to me in the first second so I just went with it.

Some things that I’ve appreciated today:

Those margarita drinks in a pouch that you freeze and then squeeze out.

Hearing from several relatives and acquaintances who are in their 90’s (!) and still finding things of interest in life. My birthday was last week and how can I really have doubts about getting older when I see how spunky these folks are.

And now I see that season five of Doc Martin has just been made available on hulu and I just enjoyed the first episode. It’s as amusing and charming as ever although I was a bit nervous at how casually the newborn baby seemed to be handled.

I give myself credit for showing up in my life today, staying calm and treating others well. How was your day?