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One of the storylines in the film, To Rome With Love, was of an ordinary citizen who suddenly found himself famous. He didn’t know why. He was interviewed about what he had for breakfast, whether he shaved before or after breakfast and so on.  He felt harassed and annoyed but when it was all over and sudden, instant celebrity was bestowed upon someone else he seemed to miss the attention, if not  the perks so much. His former chauffeur told him something about how tragedy and misfortune can visit anyone, poor nobodies and famous people alike. And that it’s  still better to be famous.

I’m not so sure about that. We’re all growing and many of us are becoming more enlightened. We have insights and understandings we didn’t have five years ago and can soften our opinions or change them about issues. Celebrities can have made remarks years ago and it can be easily dredged up, hauled out and criticized.   Or our mothers can have way different political views than us, write letters to the  editor and if we’re famous it might be plastered all over the internet. Who needs that?

When I was younger I was way more interested in famous people. There’s a time and place for that when one’s taking in just what kind of culture they’ve been born into. By now I’m saturated and weary with all the stories and antics of many of those who are paraded before us in headlines. To live any kind of meaningful life, I must know myself and what’s going on with me in order to make better choices and  transform energies and circumstances where I have any influence at all. Sure, we’re all connected and we learn from each other but sometimes there are just too many people banging drums and shouting ME, ME, ME…..LOOK AT ME. LISTEN TO WHAT I’M DOING.

A long time ago when I was feeling enthusiasm for an idea I had, I was told by a successful, seemingly fabulous and wise person that I needed to know I’d never be a superstar in this life. Just who did I think I was?

Now that I know more about who I am and what my values are, I understand that I don’t want to bother with being famous, if it’s an option, and that it isn’t the best use of my attention and time to be focused on what others are doing. I really don’t want to miss out on my own life like that. And I hope you know the joy of really living your life.