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Today I’m feeling fatigued and uninspired. Walking towards the greenbelt this morning my mind was chattering away about all I needed to do today. My body was feeling creaky and lethargic. Apparently I’m in the practice phase of carrying on with the choices I made when I was inspired and had clarity and vision.

Some days practice is easier than others; today my being felt like it was on a forced march and my awareness flickered in and out of blahness. Checking in, because I really don’t want to do harm to my body, I realized that continuing the walk and sitting in nature for awhile would be good for me.

On my way to sit by the river, I walked by an upscale women’s fashion store and saw two young women painting the backdrop for a window display. Usually I see window displays when they’re DONE; here there were ladders and other items scattered about and the women looked like they were making art. Which they were, even though it’s temporary and for a corporation.

Next I walked by a men’s upscale clothing store and glanced at the tanned, middle-aged figure in the three piece suit standing inside the window. Then it moved and I was startled.

A little later, on the park bench I reined myself from my reverie of noticing details around me as though I’d landed on a different planet. I got up and moved on taking care of the details of my life.

The choices and values I have don’t seem so bright and shiny today but I know that inspired, big-picture stuff will happen for me again. And when that happens I’ll be grateful that I plodded along practicing and didn’t let things slide.