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It’s evening and I just finished reading some awesome WordPress blogs. Mostly from what’s piled up in my e-mail inbox. Usually I pick a block of time to read other blogs, and not on a daily basis.  See, I’m new to blogging and when I look at what others are doing I have do some encouraging self-talk when I forget to not compare.

I’m especially thrilled to find one that is about a roleplay SIM in Second Life, which I’m now following. Another find is a blog about helping Veterans with PTSD. Healing and transforming trauma and the past is a subject dear to me and a part of the focus of this blog in an odd sort of way.

I was planning on roleplaying in the Winterfell (7k) sim today. My character, Wren, needs to get a job! But this has been one of the weirdest days I’ve had in a long, long time. One weird thing after another. It got to where I was hesitant about making very simple decisions.

I’ve been so focused on making good choices, changing habits and tweaking things in the direction of transformation that it was kind of like the universe was laughing at me, my plans and the organization, productivity and accomplishments during the past few days.  Or like that old joke about making God laugh by submitting your five year plan.

Anyway, when I consider quantumness, it seems to me that focus, thoughts, intentions and attitudes shift things around in my life and that’s what happened today. I kept running into people from my past, meeting new people that I didn’t know I needed to meet and had my agenda changed repeatedly. All I could do was relax and roll with it. So when it came time to play online I decided to pass. Instead of attempting to escape into the game, I’ll fix some comfort food, have a soak in the tub, Maybe watch a BBC DVD and center myself more.

I’m wondering what some of your fixes are when you have days like this.