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My roleplay experience this evening was quite enjoyable and I had no expectations when I logged on for it. Actually I was tired and annoyed when I first went online and figured I’d check all the messages that had piled up since Sunday and then leave to take a nap.

Running errands most of the day and also shopping for a lightweight daypack for my hikes along the river left me out of sorts from talking to clerks getting paid to serve.  I was hungry, spacey and my back hurt.

And sometimes life surprises us. In the Victorian sim, I’d been placing an ad in the London Gazette for weeks for an herbalist and also a housekeeper for the various businesses and homes that my employer has.  Today, right away someone came in and showed interest for the Apothecary/Herbalist position. The female character is educated, upper class, well traveled and well mannered. She’s intelligent and quite gracious to talk to and agreed to the terms of employment. My character Pearl, gave her a tour and divulged what’s likely too much information for safety. So naturally I’m wondering what evil plot she has planned. She didn’t flash any fangs during the interview.

And speaking of fangs, it sounds like some of the Vampires are venturing into TornOak which is in constant daylight. Pearl has a home there, a refuge from the constant annoying, whining selfishness of Vampires. There aren’t even locks on the doors of our houses.  It won’t be pretty the day I’m doing something online and my avatar is sitting in her rose cottage with plush Victorian furniture and some idiot Vampire who really shouldn’t be able to survive in broad daylight wanders into my home.

But in the meantime, someone has been hired to assist in our Apothecary and in real life I did find a suitable daypack which I will use tomorrow morning. And I hope your day was accomplished and enjoyable as well.