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Yesterday morning when I was logged into Second Life I had a quickie Tarot reading regarding the three roleplay sims that I’m engaged in and their relationship to the real life creativity projects that I’m so afraid to begin practicing. I’ve had two previous readings with this inworld Dragon avatar and so knew the drill and that it would likely be accurate.

I remember the good ole days when I could get some kind of divination reading and learn some amazing information that I hadn’t been aware of. Those days are gone, in these times of no gurus, self-authority and being very, very responsible. Even if I had the extra cash for something like that now, the insights would be  inaccurate or would be something I already kind of knew.

Such was the case with this inquiry. I respect the Tarot; the Dragon shuffled the cards and gave me a “long-story-short” reading. I’m spreading myself too thin with the three different characters. If I go any further with them, I’ll get stuck and it will be very difficult to get the real life creative projects started up unless I do so now. It was suggested that I focus 100% on the newest roleplay character, which would have the most chance of improving and drop all the crap. Also, to leave myself an out in case the Admins got big heads.

Did any of this surprise me at all? Absolutely not. Is it common sense too? Yes. Am I going to follow it? Ummm….no. Or at least not totally. I do have some arguments about that which I won’t go into here. Previous advice about how messed up one of the sims is went unheeded even though it was very astute. I can’t say I regret it although much time was wasted.

I will spend less time in Second Life for awhile. In fact I won’t log in again until Thursday. The stories I’m in aren’t the sole reason for this blog, though. It’s really about transformation and rewiring my operating system using the roleplay as a discovery tool instead of going out into the fray of the real world so much. And believe me, I deal plenty with the real world. There are many kinds of people and situations I avoid now just for sheer survival reasons. But this blog isn’t about all that.

I have a commitment I need to honor this week and then beginning in July, next Sunday, I intend to step up the real life creativity practice. No matter how messy, how awful I feel and how totally awkward I am. That’s how it’s been so many times before.

Keeping in mind that I don’t want this blog to turn into a big mess of all the things that I get distracted with, I intend to stay with the original premise for quite sometime, even though I haven’t been able to clearly explain what that is. I’ve marked my calendar and I’ll look at this again in three months to see if I’ve quit two of the roleplay sims, if I’ve regretted my choices and what I’ve learned. But I do intend to tweak my schedule a bit and be more efficient with it all. And continue to make if fun.