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Sometimes I ease into my day and sometimes I hit the ground running. Usually I know what to do but don’t force any order.  With logistics and lack of being in sync with the world around me, things usually don’t work out as planned and I’m learning to stress about that less. Going from Plan B to C to D or giving up for another day simply happens.

Today I had trouble deciding where to go for lunch. Usually I make lunch at home and nothing stood out as a better choice. Call me crazy but I think there’s something in restaurant food that makes me crave it after I’ve had a meal a few times. On the other hand, I don’t like to go to the same environment repeatedly so I was waffling. Where to go?

A week from now it won’t matter so I chose one place and then chose to consider it the right choice and leave it at that. Even if it would have turned out to be a crappy experience.

Sometime within the last decade I gained clarity on my true values and I wonder if other people have such clarity. I’m not talking about what they’ve been taught their values SHOULD be. SHOULDS don’t work so well in my experience.  When I need to make a move and find that logic or hunches or raised vibrations don’t assist me in the choice, knowing my values really helps. Some of my values are seemingly in conflict with each other and so I can go with what seems more important at the time. I don’t have to work hard at remembering them; I’m just somehow aware of them. There are six; that’s the natural number that showed up and they’re in pairs of two. It works for me, until it doesn’t.

I guess one of them should be family, but it isn’t. It isn’t just because my family’s all gone either. Many people just have families that don’t work no matter what they do or how hard they try. Fame and Fortune? Nope.

Freedom and Time. Most people couldn’t really argue with that I guess. Another pair–Comfort and Security. To some, that might be frowned upon but I believe it has to do with my history in this life. Comfort and Security mean different things to different people; I know Security is a perception and is subjective. I’ve often lived without it. In fact I’m quite graceful when living without it but am aware that as a balancing sort of thing for this life, I really do value Security as well as Comfort.

As you might expect, my desire for Freedom and Security is sometimes in conflict and usually Freedom is the priority with me. Time and Security could go either way.

The other two values are Consciousness and Creativity. No matter how awful and  bleak things can get, if I’m aware of my Creativity in action I feel alive and that things will work out. I wondered about Consciousness. Instead of happiness or joy? Peace? But the more I learn to cultivate happiness, joy and peace within, the more I value the intelligence and full spectrum of awareness that is Consciousness.

So that’s it. When I try to compromise these values….well I can’t really bear to. It feels horridly wrong. I’d really love to read what you value and any thoughts you might be willing to share about them.