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Nine days and nine posts done. It’s Sunday and I’d planned a block of time to check out the blogs of those who’ve ‘liked’ some of my posts and of those who’ve clicked the ‘follow’ button.

I’ve been enjoying writing everyday and wanted to give myself a solid week of blogging before looking at what others are doing. Yeah, I know we aren’t supposed to compare and that everyone has a unique perception and individual voice. But still.

Yes, I encountered amazing creativity, heart felt compassion and friendly, upbeat  writing styles. I’m guessing some of my categories are what led them to find my posts. Perhaps some random surfing. Yes, I’m intimidated but not enough to stop.

The amazing blogs include photos or artwork, just like I read about in the blogging tips that wordpress sends me. Well I can’t find my camera and there’s something messed up with my scanner. If I used stock photos I wouldn’t have time to write. It seems like I’m slow at everything I do.

With e-mail newsletters piling up in my inboxes already, I see I need to have the next blogs I choose to follow land there as well….the ‘reader’ seems too likely to be overlooked by me if I add any more there.  Maybe I can continue to set aside a block of time every week to catch up on my reading. It might work better for me to keep focusing on my own voice during the week because I can be very influenced by the voices of others.

Internet headlines make it sound like everything’s going to hell or has gone already. The bizarre actings-out and fun house mirrors of our society are in our faces daily. Reading some of the other blogs here reminds me that there are many, many inspiring, courageous, funny and intelligent fellow humans and that all will be well, if perhaps in a messy way of getting there.

People can be saying the same basic message but with their own style and lens and there’s always room for another person getting the good words and visions out, even if at times it seems no one’s paying attention.

I admire the bloggers who took a stand to make an ‘about me’ page…..I’m not there yet. And oh my, so many different themes and templates here. What a lovely place has been created for us to play in.

My theme was rather new when I began this about a week ago and I chose rather quickly. I like the chateau picture at the top. I grew up in a house that was set on cinder blocks. Everything shook when you walked across the room and sometimes animals would get under the house and cause a ruckus.  There were small gas heaters that didn’t really keep the house warm and there was no indoor plumbing. I have always lived in America.

Books weren’t valued in our home and I think I had about two books of my own. One was about Abraham Lincoln.  No, I’m not going to tell my age. What I will say is that I treasure the peace and ambiance in my small apartment. I treasure that I can connect with others on the internet even though many choose to use it in ways that I wouldn’t. The photo of the chateau at the top of my blog is just fine for my purpose here…after all the name of this little endeavor is called Million Happy Endings.